The Spartacus Chronicles

Spartacus has attained legendary status. However, so little is actually know of the man. In this series I take his story on to the next level. What if the great man survived the great battle that decimated so many of his comrades…

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The Reaper’s Breath

Oooo Exciting…..

So my new novel ‘The Reapers Breath’ is about to his the shelves. It is the first installment of a three book series called ‘The Ripper Legacies’. Within this first novel the main character William Harkness will be introduced, a tough former soldier employed by the powers that be, to bring the Ripper to an untimely end.

However, things are not always as they first seem…..front only.jpg

Wrath of the Furies

My latest novel Wrath of the Furies to be turned into audio book with rising US actor Casey Jones as narrator

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My Spartacus series creating the possible adventures of the well known hero if he had survived the destruction of the slave army.

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